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meat processors.

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Your time is too valuable and workforce too thin to send your team away for lengthy training. We come to you and train your team in-house - saving you valuable production time.

In-House Training

Let’s be honest, every shop has its quirks. Your team will learn how to utilize your facility and equipment to adjust cutting styles and navigate the hurdles of your unique work environment.

Hands-On Instruction

The art of butchery cannot easily be mastered by watching videos or reading books. You need hands-on experts to teach the hard skills your employees need to turn out great products.

Engaging Lessons

Our team is handy with a knife and engaging in the classroom. With a variety of industry topics and a vast knowledge at our hands, we'll send your team back to work with useful skills and know-how.

When We're Done

Whether you book us for an afternoon or a few weeks of training, our programs will have your team feeling more confident and skilled when it's time to pick up the scabbard.

why invest in butcher training?

For The Processor

More well-trained labor for your meat processing business helps you stay in operation for years to come, adding value, skill, productivity and knowledge to your crew.

For The Producer

Ensuring your business succeeds means that local farmers and ranchers have a sustainable outlet to process and market their livestock.

For The Public

Building a personal connection between local livestock producers and butchers drives consumer confidence in all meat proteins.